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JAVA is DOOMED (JID) is an OpenSource 3D engine implemented in JAVA and uses OpenGL as graphic API.
The reference implementation of the Java bindings jogl is used to access the OpenGL API.
The target of the project is to implement an OpenSource 3D engine in JAVA, which can be used by hobby developers.

The project is hosted at Sourceforge, you can check the actual state at the project page.
The description how to checkout JAVA is DOOMED from the cvs server can be found here.



Escape is the first game realized by using the JAVA is DOOMED (JID) graphics engine.
It is a first person ego shooter dedicated to the fantastic game DOOM. You have been thrown into prison and are going to meet your executioner in the morning, your only chance is to escape the prison before.
The description how to checkout ESCAPE from the cvs server can be found here.
The game is free for download.

Level 1
Level 2



The ModelLoader read the md2(Quake II) and 3ds(3D Studio Max) format.
The models are textured and dynamically lighted. The description how to checkout the ModelLoader from the cvs server can be found here.


BSP Engine

The bsp engine is a port from the engine developed by Adam Hoult and Gary Simmons in their game institute course Advanced 3D BSP, PVS and CSG Techniques. It contains Binary Space Partitioning Tree (BSP), Portal Generation, Potential Visibility Sets (PVS) and Frustum Culling.


Terrain Engine

The terrain engine is based on the book Focus on 3D Terrain Programming by Trend Polack. It is a port of the quadtree implementation presented in chapter 6 of the book.


Game Engine

In the game engine we put all the parts together. First the game menu is displayed. Then the engine loads the level (MAP or IWF format) and adds MD2 models. While running AI and collision detection is also handled by the game engine and sound is integrated.